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Subject: PalmOS AR etc.
Author: Eli Curtz <>
Date: 27-Aug-2003 01:52:21

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 09:34 AM, Robert wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm still here, but unfortunately, I'm very busy right now. I'm gone
> for
> work 12 hours each day, have 4 hours of "free" time each evening, and
> then 8
> hours of sleep (if I'm lucky). Right now, this looks like it won't
> change
> for about a year (but at least it's good money).

Hi all,

Unfortunately I only have about 45 minutes a day more free time than
Robert. I still plan on eventually doing more of the GBA port, but it
will probably involve long stretches between things getting worked on.
My current "scheme" for the next step is to start with an open source
Rogue/Hack variant and try to build the Alternate Reality gameplay
engine from that base. Of course it would be simpler if Dan released
the Dungeon source, but there'd still be a process of building
essentially a new engine around the logic and data from that.

I'd be happy to help out to the limited extent I can if anybody else
wanted to work on a new version. I've satisfied myself that getting the
graphics going on the GBA (or Palm) is very doable. I'm also sure RAM
wouldn't be a problem, and storage isn't a problem on the GBA for
homebrew stuff if you cheat and write to the "ROM" of the flashcart
when they save. (It would be a big problem to use the limited RAM in a
real cart.)

My choice would be to spiff up the graphics and extend the game a bit,
since for me part of what was so Amazing about AR was always the
technical achievement of the game itself (especially the Atari
version.) But if I ever get to the point of that I'd want to make sure
that it was possible to either play in "classic" mode or to use the
engine to easily build a version for the purists.

Good luck out there, don't drink any potions of stupidity...
- eli

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